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Covenant Response and Obligation - DVD

Author/Editor: The Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann
Covenant Response and Obligation - DVD
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Individuals, study groups, adult church school classes and leadership groups will all benefit from this spellbinding plenary presentation by the revered author of more than 60 books, hundreds of articles and sermons and numerous commentaries on Scripture.

“Discipleship is Jesus’ way of talking about being in an obligatory relationship,” says Dr. Brueggemann, and “the issue of stewardship is the big either/or that we have to make and that we have to keep making all our lives to be a covenantal creature who is in a relationship of fidelity that entails obligations.” Acknowledging that this is much of the reason why “talking to people about stewardship can be difficult...because it involves helping people hold a conversation about their anxiety,” his teaching describes the conflicting messages of consumerism in our society and “the inconvenience of covenant that has obligations” presented as life-giving by the Gospels, and how this conflict makes people “deeply ambivalent about the Gospel and the American Dream,” an ambivalence that needs to be “disentangled.”

Dr. Brueggemann says that “the task of [stewardship leaders] is to provide guidance as [people] work out their ambivalence…People need truth telling and guidance about generosity and parsimony, giving and accumulating.”

An outstanding, versatile resource. View it from beginning to end, or separate the six segments to facilitate discussion:

Chapter 1 – Introduction (with the Rev. Laurel Johnston)
Chapter 2 – The Big Either/Or
Chapter 3 – The Narrative of Autonomy
Chapter 4 – Commitment & Obligation
Chapter 5 – The Task of Stewardship
Chapter 6 – Conference Extras, Q & A

Video on DVD (74 minutes)