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From Scarcity to Abundance - A Stewardship Discipline

Author/Editor: Rt. Rev. Mark Beckwith
From Scarcity to Abundance - A Stewardship Discipline
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From Scarcity to Abundance is an outstanding resource for teaching stewardship in your annual pledge drive for the entire congregation – or for assistance in bringing new vestry or stewardship team members on board with a sound theology of Christian Stewardship!

Whether intentional or not, whenever there is the sense of scarcity there is the ingredient of misused or misapplied power. Power is invariably in the hands of those who are perceived to have more, and the corollary of that is that those in power have a self-interest in maintaining the notion of scarcity.

Utilizing the insight gained by over twenty years as a parish priest, Bp. Beckwith gives a reflection on the miracle of Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand. The author gives us a gift of deeper understanding of the relationship between scarcity and abundance, and of the realization that abundance truly opens us up to mystery and freedom.

The disciples were reacting to the problem, offering a quick fix in the hope that the problem – and the crowd – would go away. Jesus responded to each reaction with a challenge for the disciples to act out of their abundance. His was a challenge fraught with risks: the risk that they just wouldn’t get it or that the tension Jesus introduced would cause the disciples to turn on him. Jesus continually took this risk of drawing people into abundance and challenging them to move from a cash economy to a kingdom economy. In this challenge he sought to reframe reality for the disciples and for all of us.

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