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Loose Connections - DVD

Author/Editor: Friends of the Groom, Conover Productions & TENS
Loose Connections - DVD
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Mrs. Morgan’s hectic schedule is cut short by a long, impatient wait at an auto repair shop. She strikes up a conversation with a man named Jesus, whom she assumes works at the shop. They discuss Mrs. Morgan’s feelings about going to church– that there are too many expectations of her and a lot of guilt for not tithing– so she attends less and less. Jesus tells Mrs. Morgan that when her son, Frank, prays for her, he merely asks that she know that she is really loved. When she realizes the power of that simple prayer, Mrs. Morgan knows that her heart is ready to lead her back to God.

An essential tool for stewardship education for both adults and youth.

Click here to open, print and/or save a pdf file of the discussion/study guide.

Produced by Friends of the Groom Drama Group, The Episcopal Network for Stewardship and Conover Productions, LLC.