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The Cottage Meeting Commitment Program – Digital Download

Digital Download
Author/Editor: Thomas R. Gossen and Bruce A. Rockwell
The Cottage Meeting Commitment Program – Digital Download
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The Cottage Meeting Commitment Program (2009 Edition) workbook is a supplement to A Manual for Stewardship Development Programs in the Congregation. It is designed to give you the structure and guidance you need to organize a joyful commitment program in your congregation.

The Cottage Meeting Commitment Program is centered on gathering as many of the faith community together as possible in small groups of eight to twelve. They will meet in the homes of members of the congregation to reflect on their spiritual life and ministry together, hear the stewardship journey of one of their members, foster a sense of thankfulness for all of God’s blessings, and respond in thanksgiving with financial pledges (and, optionally, commitments of time) for the support of God’s work in the world through their congregation.

The workbook includes:

  • An Overview describing the cottage meeting concept and assistance estimating the costs to be incurred.
  • An Action Plan outline.
  • A Training Event Outline to provide guidance on preparing your volunteers.
  • Job descriptions for the leadership and host positions to help you delegate responsibility effectively.
  • A master planning calendar enables you to set target completion dates for each step of the program.
  • A description of program phases summarizes critical action steps and suggests who does them.

As outlined, the format includes leadership from an ongoing Stewardship Ministry Team - not just a single purpose task team. And, for maximum effectiveness, the program must include the Education Training Event for those who are recruited to serve as Cottage Meeting hosts and/or Discussion Leaders.

This product is available only as a downloadable PDF file.

Digital Download is a ZIP file that includes a PDF file of the content; a separate file for the covers and spine (for insertion in a full-view 3-ring binder); and, printing instructions.

Purchaser is permitted to make duplicate copies for use of their congregation. Please, no other unauthorized duplication.