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The Impossible Self As Steward - DVD

Author/Editor: The Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann
The Impossible Self As Steward - DVD
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The recurring crisis of stewardship is not about money. It is not, as we used to say, about ‘time, talent, money.’ That crisis, rather, is about the self who gives or who does not give, how the self is constituted, identified, perceived, presented and situated. Because a self – wrongly constituted, wrongly identified, wrongly perceived, wrongly presented, wrongly situated – will not ever be able to be generous or grateful. – The Rev. Walter Brueggemann

So begins this sermon by the world famous author and speaker who is often acknowledged as greatest influence on contemporary theology and biblical exegesis. Through Dr. Brueggemann’s preaching the tone and pace was set for the 2010 TENS Conference, “Grace, Gratitude & Generosity.”  You will want to hear this sermon again and again. An excellent resource.

Video on DVD (25 minutes)