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The Personal Note Commitment Program - Digital Download

Digital Download
Author/Editor: Thomas R. Gossen and Lonnie Schreiber
The Personal Note Commitment Program - Digital Download
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The Personal Note Commitment Program will help you to manage a successful stewardship letter-writing commitment program in your congregation.

Through the program, a series of personal, hand-written letters and notes are sent to each household in the congregation.  These notes are written by a group of parishioners that you select and train. Complete training suggestions are provided in this program, along with useful forms, flowcharts, and timelines to keep your efforts on track.

This program includes an outline for two different program models – depending on the size of your congregation.  For maximum effectiveness, the program must include the recruiting of, and an Education Training Event for, those who are asked to serve as personal note writers. The Education Training Event should follow, or be similar to, one of those outlined in this workbook or in A Manual For Stewardship Development Programs In The Congregation and should be facilitated by a trained consultant.

A detailed set of guidelines is included to help you realize a successful commitment program. And, suggested job descriptions are included for all critical leadership positions.  However, we recognize that each situation is unique, so we invite you to use what you find useful, fill in the blanks where we haven’t provided enough information and experiment to suit your particular situation. And when you complete your program evaluation, please let us hear from you so that we might learn how we can improve this workbook to assist others in the future.

This product is only available as a downloadable PDF file.

Digital download is a ZIP file that includes a PDF file of the content and a separate file for the cover.

Purchaser is permitted to make duplicate copies for use of their congregation.  Please, no other unauthorized duplication.